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Our history

In 1739, Nicola Titi, paying 1,6 ducats, bought a “schifo senza reti” a small rowing boat, starting a new trading activity which has grown day after day, for generations.

In 1848 Teodoro Titi founded the Agency: from the port of Brindisi he sailed all over the Mediterranean sea, carrying goods in his sail boat “l’Angioletto”.

At that time a lively trading activity was in Brindisi: in the late 1800’s the circulation of both passengers and goods increased, and the Titi family was engaged in restless activities in the port and for trading.

In the 1950s Commendatore Teodoro Titi, son of the founder and first president of the port of Brindisi, was representing prestigious passenger companies (such as Navigazione Generale Italia, Florio, Rubattino, and “Lloyd Italiano”) and was also dealing in shipping activities of timber, tobacco, corn and fertilizers.

He was then backed by his son Angelo who held, among other positions, the Office of Honorary Consul of Greece and President of Travel Agents. Angelo expanded the business including the transport of passengers.

In 1976 the Agency was the first to set up a daily line with Greece dealing in truck transport.

Today the Agency is headed by Teodoro, Angelo’s son and shipping agent, providing professional services, logistics, and continuing to face the ever changing needs of maritime ports.

Our offices

Vico Dè Lubelli, 8
72100 Brindisi, Italy
ph. +39.0831.523514
fax. +39.0831.521036
Vico II S.F. della Scarpa, 24
70122 Bari, Italy
ph. +39.080.2047061
fax +39.080.2145903

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